Ellis Miller

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Ellis Bike Arches Web
Arches Ntl. Park

Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Vanishing Breed at Hollywood Bar, Dolores, CO
Ellis with Vanishing Breed,
Hollywood Bar, Dolores, CO
Vanishing Breed at Blondies
Vanishing Breed at Blondie's, Cortez CO.

VB and Casey
What are these guys looking at? 
Typical musicians!

Ellis & the Nephews
Ellis & the nephews, Jared and Cullen. 
Off to Durango to scare the tourists.
Sugar Pine Rally
Sugar Pine Ranch
Motorcycle Rally
Ellis & Odis
Kickin' it with my good friend Odis Sikes. 
Pickin' is doin' fine but the grinnin' is gettin' harder all the time

Lilly, the killer Maltese (RIP)

The lovely and talented Carl Johnson. 
He is a fine steel player and, fortunately,
a lot smarter than he looks.











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